K-nuts hex metric hi temp

metric jet nutsThe extra high temperature metric k-nut is available in the sizes M4 up to M12. Just like the regular k-nuts, these high temperature nuts have a reduced spanner size which makes them extremely lightweight and accessible in small and tight areas.

The biggest differences between the high temp k-nuts and the regular k-nuts are:

  1. material and finish
    • Xtra high temperature k nut: Stainless Steel A286 CRES with silver plating
    • regular k nut: 35CrMo4 aerospace steel with cad plating and molybdenum disulphide coating
  2. temperature class
    • Xtra high temperature k nut: 650° C temperature class
    • regular k nut: 235° C temperature class

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The available sizes of extra hi-temp metric k-nuts are presented below. By clicking the title you can go to the product page where you can see the additional details.

Hexagonal / 6 point Xtra high temp k-nut M7 x 1,0

hex M7x1,0 hi-temp k-nut

Hexagonal / 6 point Xtra high temp k-nut M8 x 1,25

hex M8x1,25 hi-temp k-nut