premium self locking nuts for racing and aerospace

K-nuts = superior quality

Our k-nuts are produced following aerospace standards. This makes them extremly lightweight. The corrosion resistance is made possible by their treatment, the k-nuts are cadmium-plated. Following this treatment, a MoS2 low friction coating is applied. This molybdenium disulphide coating performs as a dry film lubricant.

A lot of development for the motorsports are originated in the United Kingdom. Also the US racing scene with their circuits and oval tracks are very popular. Therefor the k-nuts are available with metric threads as well as with UNF thread patterns.

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jet nut hexagonal

Hex k-nuts: metric / imperial

Typical external characteristics: the reduced hex size and the flange. Used across all motorsport disciplines!

The most common sizes are metric M3 to M14 and inch-sizes 1/4″-28 , 5/16″-24 and 3/8″-24 .

hi temp k-nut

Hex xtra hi temp k-nuts: metric

Same dimensions as the normal hex k-nuts.
The temperature class is 650 °C / 1200 °F.
They are typically used in high heat area’s such as exhaust manifolds, brake discs…

The most common sizes are metric M6, M8 and M10.

jet nut with captive washer

Hex k-nuts with captive washer: metric

Same dimensions as the normal hex k-nuts.
They have a captive washer to the nut which eliminates the use of a separate washer.
They are typically used on softer materials such as aluminum gearbox housings.

The most common sizes are metric M6, M8 and M10.

nutplate fixed

Fixed anchor nuts: metric

The fixed anchor nuts have two lugs with holes.
They are fixed with rivets and can be mounted on the backside of panels or other parts that are hardly reachable when installed.

The most common sizes are M4, M5 and M6.

nutplate floating

Floating anchor nuts: metric

The floating anchor nuts are also fixed by rivets.
The big advantage is that they are floating. This means that there is a bigger placement tolerance. Extremely useful when the counterpart isn’t always very precisely prepared.
Floating anchor nuts are very popular.

The most common sizes are M4, M5 and M6.

blind rivets countersunk 120°

Countersunk blind rivets: 120°

The countersunk blind rivets are used in combination with the fixed and floating anchor nuts.
These rivets are offered in different diameters and lenghts to meet all of your applications.
A countersunk head makes it possible to maintain the flat surface of the part to which the anchor nut is attached.

The 2,4mm rivets are used with the M3, M4 and M5 anchor nuts. The 3,2mm rivets are used with the M6, M8 and M10 anchor nuts.