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The profile of our customers

Rally teams competing in national championships, IRC and WRC. Racing teams competing in series as F3, GT, karting. Manufacturers of motorsports and aerospace parts such as body parts, brakes… Distributors of racing products. Individuals who are maintaining their own racecars for hill-climb, historic races…

k-nut fasteners: customer references and testimonials

Customer testimonials and reviews

The service level of our company needs to match the quality of our k-nuts. Therefor we value the feedback of our customers. Here you can read what they have to say about their k-nuts purchase.

Formula Student Competition
Country: Germany
Activity: Building a racecar

With our K-Nuts we were able to reduce the weight of our car by a lot. The quality of every single nut was great and we really enjoyed using them.

by Toutlemonde on by KL-projects
Ecrous à river, double patte, fixe: M3x0.5 et M4x0.7
Country: France
Activity: avion perso

Excellente relation commerciale, rapidité d’envoi, emballage parfait
Fournisseur à recommander 👍👍👍

M6 K-nuts, M5 and M6 floating anchor nuts
Country: Belgium
Activity: Motorsport

All parts arrived on time and quality if as expected!!!

by Poulet Roger on by KL-projects
Ecrous K-nuts 5/16
Country: Belgium
Activity: Historic Racing

tout ce que le site "promet" est effectif et je suis très content d'avoir "travaillé" avec K nut

by Stephan L. on by KL-projects
Metric K-nuts M3 to M12 and Floating Anchor Nuts M4 to M8
Country: Germany
Activity: Racecar Engineering - Formula Student

Great quality and price. The shipment to Germany was well packaged and done just days after the first request.

It is always a pleasure to work with these guys as they are very helpful and always accept last minute changes/additions as usual in racing!

KHX-M12-150 K-nuts
Country: France
Activity: Sport Auto


je tiens à féliciter votre société et plus particulièrement korneel pour son professionnalisme et le temps passé à répondre à mes questions.

j'ai reçus mes écrous KMX-M12x150 très bien emballé et dans des délais très très courts.

encore merci et à bientôt.

by M. Schmitt on by KL-projects
Ecrous à river (flottant) - M6x1 et M8x1,25
Country: France
Activity: -

J'ai eu bonne reception du colis hier soir et je vous remercie pour votre professionalisme.

Je garde votre contact précieusement.

by K. Zemanik on by KL-projects
M8 x 1,25 k nuts, M12 x 1,5 k nuts, M5 x 0,8 floating nutplates, M6 x 1,0 floating nutplates
Country: Germany
Activity: Rally racing

Quality, shipment and support in the line what we need. Good, quick, and helpful. Just go on like this!

by W. Faustmann on by KL-projects
hexagonal M6x1,0 Xtra High Temp k-nuts -- A286 + silver plating
Country: Austria
Activity: Racecar Engineering

Competent support from the assistance, prompt delivery, fine quality.

by Pierre Carpentier on by KL-projects
écrous à riveter M5x0,8 et rivets tête fraisée 120°
Country: France
Activity: Design

Super produits, envoi rapide et soigné.

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