#1 motorsport nuts

lightweight racecar nuts

The K-nuts are used across the motorsport disciplines.
We mostly sell them for rally cars (WRC, S2000, R3...) and circuit racing cars (touring cars, GT cars...), but they are also used in formula cars (F1, F3...), karts and racing motorcycles.

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metric and UNF K-nuts

k-nuts metric and unf thread

We cover a complete range of metric K-nuts with coarse pitch thread as well as fine pitch thread. The most common metric sizes for K-nuts are M5, M6, M8, M10 and M12. However we also consider the sizes M3, M4, M7 and M14 as standard. 1/4"-28 UNF, 5/16"-24 UNF and 3/8"-24 UNF are the common sizes of the UNF threaded K-nuts.

kaynut kaylock jet nuts

jet nuts for aerospace and aviation

K-nuts are developed by the aerospace industry.

The goal was to be able to fasten the components of an airplane with a nut that is vibration proof and lighter while being more resistant to corrosion.

That is why they're often called jet nuts!